Mymensingh Medical College & Hospital

Mymensingh Medical College & Hospital.

History of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital and Dental Unit

History of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital and Dental Unit

In a long past history of beginning born of the Mymensingh Medical College Hospital their was no sufficient specific Medical service center in Mymensingh though it was the biggest pargona in 1800 AD. Within many evaluation it has got the recent status now. First Hospital based health service started in 1st September 1855 resided beside the Zailkhana. Named as “Dispensary” which was organized by that times elite people of society. With time when it became insufficient for the providing health service people of that time 1857 they went to Maharaz of greater Mymensingh -Maharaz Surya Kanta Acharya. His mother Maharani Leladevi gifted 4 bigha & 3 katha land at Thana Ghat 1854 AD and he donated this land for hospital named “Surja Kanta Hospital” beside the river Brahmaputra. The construction was started in 18 July 1857. Total costing was 4000 Taka and Total deposit money was 8500 Taka.

With Maharaz Surja Kanta many people helped a lot for construction of S.K. hospital including then district Magistrate Mr. F.B. Campb. The river Brahmaputra was wide & wavy different natural calamites Earth quake. Destructed the S.K. Hospital was directed by “Nasirabad Municipality” & local elite people. Its monitory support was from the Landlord family and after 1887 when district board was established it also sheared with them party. 1885 new era of the hospital Uncovered. New establishment started on 17 Bigha 12 katha 6 chotak land in 1915. Further extension added in 1918 AD. Many elite & famous people come to donate and build the hospital like.

1. King Zogoth Kishor Acharya donated for “Biddyamoyee Female Ward” according to her mothers home.
2. Maharaz Surja Kanta Acharia donated for “Mackenzie Eye Ward” and 180 Taka for operation table of the hospital in that time.
3. King Babu Satish Chandra Chowdhry donated for “Satish outdoor dispensary”. At the same time “Dharani Kanta Ward” “Isolation Ward”, Male Ward” and administrative Building was erected. Maharani Leela Devi established the electrical Annexed in 1921. Within few time Maharaz Shoshi Kanta, a son of Maharaz Surja Kanta Acharya donated huge money for the hospital and some other famous people helped for the nursing stuff quarter and remarkable development. The British government started to realize the importance of S.K Hospital and joined for further modernization of the hospital.

In 8th February of 1924 the Government of Bengal Mr. Lytton laid foundation for “Lytton Medical School” in boys hostel of “Baghmara Shahid A K M Mahbubul Alam Vashani Hall” which was known as physiology building past. This “Lytton Medical School” conducted licentiate Medical Faculty or LMF till 1962. In that time different class was taken in Anantomy building (NowShahid Mokbul Hossain Hall) Main building (Now Shahid Supriodash Hall) was the main administrative office. In 1962 this Lytton medical school was started as Mymensingh Medical College by the governor of Bengal of that time.

Mymensingh Medical College started its glorious journey with 32 students of M-01 batch and MBBS course. The campus shifted in Charpara present campus in 1972. On a total of 84 acres land. Hospital building was also established for 500 patients in that time.With Meddicine Surgery, Gynae department, new Orthopedic department was started in 1979, Familly Planing Model clinic in 1981 Coronary Care unit(CCU) in 1988. New post graduate library was established in 2009. MMCH auditorium was added as a value of the institute in 2006. Doctor Millon Hostel for male intern doctor and one female intern doctors hostel, Nursing college. Doctors Quarters, Many other construction are established in Charpara area. And a Quarter for 4th class employees is in Mashkanda area.

New hospital building of 500 bed was added from 2013. Which was inaugurated then Prime Minister of people’s republic of Bangladesh honorable Sheikh Hasina. The only Kalazar research center in Bangladesh is established in Surja Kanta Hospital (S.K hospital) as SKKRC from December 2012. First BDS course started in 2012 , which is now the richest dental unit in Bangladesh.One stop service was started in 19 November 2017 for the first time in government hospital Of Bangladesh. Mymensingh medical college Hospital became a roll model for all government hospital from then. Bangabandhu park” was a nice creation by the hospital authority in 2017.

With time many supporting institutions and constructions are being continue for provide new service.

Translation and Writing :Dr. Tariqul Islam Khan Wasim

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